You know that look and youíve seen those eyes;
The discreetly blunt stare from a passer-by.

That look can sometimes bring tears to your eyes;
And other times anger though it can make you wise.

That studying look with those questioning eyes;
That are filled with so much curiousity and surprise.

They want to ask questions and some of them do;
They cannot comprehend for itís so very new.

So they stare in their quiet and questioning gaze;
As you hurt even deeper in your own private ways.

For your pain is so real and you hurt deep inside;
Itís a pain without question you donít easily hide.

Itís a journey, a process and it seems to come slow;
Itís a struggle of emotions but the pain will soon go.

You will learn how to look at those questioning eyes;
Without all the hurt...without all the whys.

For it comes from within that you change in your ways;
And it comes with much time and with practice each day.

So give yourself time and the space that you need;
As time is the key and faith is the seed.

There will come a day when you soon realize;
How to look up and smile at those questioning eyes.

Animated Angel © Kitty Roach
Written by SLD on 6-17-98 ©

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