I want to welcome you to Oregon and thank you for taking the time to view my humble page.

When I created this webpage, it was my intention to show people who might not get a chance to visit this state a glimpse of the scenic beauty in Oregon as well as to provide information to someone who might be planning a trip to Oregon.

I have lived here all my life and realized that I had taken for granted all the wonderful beauty Oregon has to offer. I hope to share it with you and also hope that you will enjoy your trip through Oregon.

My original intention grew into something that I didnít even think about when I created this webpage. It touched people who had originally lived here in Oregon and who have moved away. I realized that they still hold their Ďhome stateí close to their hearts and miss many things in Oregon. I am so glad that all of you who are originally from Oregon or lived in Oregon for awhile and had to move on have enjoyed visiting this webpage...*smile*

I would like each of you to feel free to ask me any questions or make comments or suggestions. If you would like to see or know more about something in Oregon that is here on this page or isnít here, I am happy to help you.

If youíre planning a trip to Oregon and have any questions, please ask away...

If you enjoy this site and would like to be informed when new photographs and new information about Oregon have been included here, please enter your e-mail on the Mailing List. Your e-mail will not be given out to anyone. It is my intention to continue to include beautiful photographs from all around Oregon for all who visit this site to enjoy.

If you have the time I would love to have you sign my Guestbook and please let me know where you are from. Itís always nice to know who has visited and it would be an honor.

Most of all, I thank you for coming here to visit and welcome you all. Enjoy!


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