Samantha at 4 months

My name is Danielle, I am a 23 year old, young mother of 3 beautiful girls. Mickayla is the oldest at
4 1/2 years old, Kendra is the middle child 2 years old and Samantha is the baby at 6 months old. The two older girls have no problems but, we found out Samantha has agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC). My story is a little different then the others I have seen. My daughter is showing no signs of anything wrong. The reason for telling my story is to give hope to other's.

When I was about 8 months pregnant, I had to go in for a routine check up and sonogram. I went alone because this was our third child, my husband had went to many of the sonograms before. So I felt I could go on my own. (And it gave me a chance to get out of the house with no kids too!) Anyways, I was in the middle of getting my sonogram. Everything was going normal. The nurse was asking routine questions. Then we made casual conversation. She stopped and begun to get really quiet on me. I was getting worried and asked if everything was ok? She said nothing. After a few minutes she excused herself and left the room. She came back and looked more at the baby one more time and then left again. This time when she came back she had a doctor with her. He looked around at the baby. By this time I was really worried and asked if anything was wrong. He told me to relax and he would be right back. He then came back with another doctor and the both of them chatted back and forth looking at the baby. One of the doctors left and the other started to talk to me. He explained that the baby had ACC. He told me not to worry that it was nothing. He said he was going to set up an appointment with a genetics doctor. I didn't know what to say. As soon as I left the room I called my husband at home and told him what went on. I tried to hold it together I said I was on my way home see what you can find on the net.

When I got home I saw the look on his face. I was so scared. I put the two girls down for a nap so we could talk. He showed me the web sites that he had found. I read and the more I read the harder I cried. I read how some kids couldn't eat, speak, walk, and how they could have seizures all the time. I cried for two weeks straight. Until the day we had the appointment with the genetics doctor.

At the appointment he explained how this could happen and how she had a good chance we would see nothing wrong. The doctor explained that she had type one, which is just the ACC. Type two is ACC with other major problems. It made me feel a little better but frustrated at the same time because they couldn't tell me what to expect in the future. All they could say is we have to watch and wait. After the appointment we decided not to tell the family members anything that we knew of. I didn't want anyone treating her different. I didn't want the same for my older girls either. This is the hardest part for me not to be able to talk to anyone about it. I still think about if I am going to tell Samantha or my other girls if she has ACC. I am still unsure about things.

Samantha is 6 months now and is doing great. She has NO signs of anything showing. She is doing everything a "normal" baby should be doing. She is going to 5 doctor's appointments. I will try to update you on what happens with that. I wanted to share my story to give hope to all. I haven't seen any stories with good outcomes from the ACC. I hope that everything continues the way it is going now. Good luck to all of you that have children with ACC. Take every day one at a time and do the best that you can do..........

Samantha at 5 months

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